Feb 20, 2021

Pieter and I have shared an office for some time now and it did work until he changed jobs.

Normally he is traveling a lot and in this time with Covid things have changed.

Traveling is not that easy anymore.

So with his job changing and having more video calls for the both of us it has been proven that we cannot share an office anymore.

You are wondering why that is?

We have discovered that we are very loud when we do video calls.

The whole house is shaking and we cannot concentrate when the other one has a call.

So one did have to leave the office!

First the pros and cons why I should stay or go.

And guess what? I am still here!

He has a very neat office and mine is more messy. 

I like to change that and I might make an effort today!

Now that the girls are out of the house we have rooms that he can take, but no ……..

On the second floor we have a tv-room and he made his office there.

He had set up his office very quickly but me ….. it took some time.

Now my office is were his desk was before.

The dogs have their place in my office to.

They go where I go and each one of them has their own place.

The dust has settled and we are all good again.

It takes some time to adjust to changes and we will always find a way.

I did like that we shared an office and who knows we will change it back to how it was before.

The picture to the left is his office, neat and tidy and the one to the right is mine, chaos!

Till next time



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