Aug 21, 2020


The last three days I have been spending with my friend Anna.

I have wanted for a couple of years, yes you read that right, to sew myself some wrap dresses. Have had the fabric in the house for ages and now it was happening. So I packed the car and drove off. It is a 3 hours drive and the perfect opportunity to listening to Lucinda Riley’s book “Midnight Roses”. I love audiobooks. I have read the 7 sisters from Lucinda too and I love her books. Back to sewing. First we checked out the fabric store, because you cannot have enough of them right?

That was one day and the next day we had to go to a second hand store, just because. Bought some book about raw food and we went home very happy. Now time to draw the pattern and get going. Anna had some patterns that were very useful so there we go. Ofcourse I brought with me the wrong machines. 1 out of three was working. So typically me! One was not working and the other one I forgot the cord. In the end I ended up with two leggings and and an almost finished wrap dress! As you will understand I did not check in with the bees for a couple of days!

The day after

This morning I went out with the dogs and I usually check in with the bees as well. I have read on the internet about the Queen Bee tooting and the queens in the cell answering with quacking. It is the same sound though but because the other queens are still in their cells it sounds like quacking.

I was amazed this morning that I heard it. Me, the beginning beekeeper! It was just magical! I have included the sound file, if you are interested. You can hear it very clearly too.

My understanding was that the Queen Bee is tooting and the queens to be are answering with quacking. According to an article on the internet about a recent study (Juni 2020) from Nottingham Trent University about the tooting and quacking is that they are not communicating with each other but with the working bees. This means that there might be some swarming going on. So we have made some preparations in case they would swarm.

Hubby put up a hive in a tree just two or three meters from the “original” hive to catch them if they do. Some exciting days ahead. I let you know how it goes!

Diy Warré beehive

Till next time



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