Jun 12, 2020

Hi there!

The weeks are flying by too fast these days.

What happened with us these past 12 days?

Last Friday we were invited to come over and BBQ with friends. The wind had picked up really well and I, decided to sail over to them. They live on the same shore as us. The shore over here is not a straight line with a lot of bays so I did need to kind of cross over the lake. Pieter and daughter took the car with the dogs.

At first I thought it was amazing! Wow! So much fun and then I set course to them and that was a whole new story!

I capsized almost 5 times!!!

Scary and excited at the same time. I have not sailed a lot on my own the last couple of years so it is touch and go. Exploring how far I can go with my little Dinghy.

It took me only 20 minutes and my like felt like rubber when I came a shore.

We had a lovely evening and the wind had died down so it was the car back home.

The following morning Pieter dropped me off and I picked up my Dinghy to sail home.

Like yesterday I should have reefed the sails (reefing means making the sails smaller when the wind blows hard, and it did!) and it did not occur to me either and I did not have the ropes to reef with me either so what do you do? You make the best of it. It is often very challenging to sail out here. With wind gusts, no wind, a lot wind. You never know what is coming.

Anyway, I had a blast and enjoyed myself a lot!

My dinghy

Till next time



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