Dec 21, 2020

Wintertime is in our household always the time forJigsaw puzzles and this year is no different from the other ones.

Our oldest moved back a couple of weeks ago and took with her a couple of Jigsaw puzzles. 

That one was a 1000 pieces. Easy as pie! Within 24 hours it was dusted and done.

Hubs and daughter went out to buy groceries and came back with not only groceries …………

It really was a beautiful one. It was not only a puzzle but it came with information about all the Shakespeare characters in the puzzle.

That was really an asset to the puzzle. There is also one from Sherlock Holmes.

You may or might have read the blog about Procrastination where I wrote about the birds from Take Flight Learning.

When we made the two puzzles until now, I saw that everybody puzzles in a different way.

It is interesting to look at the way we puzzle. Never thought about it actually and now that I am involved with my birds, I see it everywhere.

So what happened?

In our family every puzzle start with side pieces. We all agree on that one.

One had a very strong believe in how it should be done!

Pieces are allowed “in the circle” of trust (read inside the sidepieces) when there are more than 4 or 5 pieces together.

While another goes over the pieces and look for the one that could fit somewhere. That person could easily end up with a totally different piece that would fit somewhere else. More by gut feeling than anything else.

The third person takes a piece and then look at the picture where it fits in the puzzle.

I am still amazed that I saw the birds in our way of puzzling.

Can you tell which person is which bird?

Eagles for example tends to take over and decide how everybody is “suppose” to do it his/her way. There is only one way.

The parrot is obviously all over the place, very enthusiastic and multitasking.

While the owl is focused on the process, examining every bit.

The dove is collaborative, cautious and adjust how everybody is doing.

It is obvious to me that the birds applies to every situation and can be a benefit to everyone.

As I said in my blog about procrastination I see it as me being an extension to someone else and that the other one can ben extension to me.

Instead of clashing you have more understanding for each other.

Why should you try the birds?

The birds in the program are intuitive, memorable and enjoyable and only for that everyone should give it a go.

If you want to know more about what the bird-personality styles can do for you?

Are you curious to find out which bird represents you?

Get in touch with me!

Till next time



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