Feb 5, 2021

As you have read in the last episode of Puzzle Madness we like to puzzle and after “The world of Shakespeare” we took on a bigger project. For years we had a puzzle of 9000 pieces and we did started at one point at the puzzle, until we got enough of it and it took up to much space.

We started the puzzle before Christmas.

The puzzle was divided into two halves, each with 4500 pieces in separate bags.

We did not start with the bag already open, do not ask me why, but with the other one.

Pieter promised our oldest daughter that that halve was done by New Year!

I can tell you, we did not make it.
This picture shows the whole puzzle and we only did the right half!

The images below shows the progress we made.

This puzzle was a nightmare and we did persivere and when we noticed that some pieces were missing we decided to stop the project and put it in the bin.

That was that! We gave it our best but when pieces are missing on such a project we thought it was not worth it.

So moving on!

During Christmas time I bought two other puzzles with 2000 pieces.

After throwing the other one in the bin we started immediately at on other one. 

This one was much better and kind of a challenge but doable.

We always do the sides first and we missed two pieces and thought we missed them and kept going and in the end we did not find the side pieces.

That was a bummer and Pieter wanted to save the puzzle anyway with a lot of discussion the puzzle ended up on the table in the tv room, folded.

He is going to put it under the glas of the table. It will not fit, I am sure of it. 

Who wants to save a puzzle that is not complete? 

Update: we threw the puzzle away. It did not fit :)

We have not started the other puzzle yet, because Pieter has been traveling again. 

My hands are itching but I promised that we should start the puzzle together.

Till next time



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