Oct 29, 2020

Procrastination is a strange thing and it really is my middle name!

I might have mentioned that I have done a DISC profile with Take Flight Learning and that I am a certified trainer.

My profile says that I am a procrastinator and I really, really want to fix that.

Why? Well, sometimes it might help to procrastinate because I am good with deadlines.

So if my work is far, far away, I push my work forward until I’ll reach my deadline and then I am all fire and go, go, go.

Things that do not have a deadline will not be done and that is how I end up getting many unfinished projects on my plate.

I do not “suffer” as much at work with my procrastination, it is more that I run into issues with my work at home.

So many things I want to do and so very little time!

That is also the reason why I have not been posting the last 8 weeks (ashamed at writing that down).

So I have started making to-do-lists at home and that kind of works.

There are also lots of Apps that can help battling procrastination.

It is just amazing how many procrastinating Apps there are out there! And yet none of them seems to work in my favour.

It might have something to do with DISC (personality styles). The company where I got my certification, “Take Flight”,uses birds instead of letters and this is why.

Why birds instead of letters?

By relating the four personality styles to four birds, Taking Flight with DISC breathes new life into the tried and true DISC model. First introduced by Merrick Rosenberg in his books, Taking Flight! and The Chameleon, the birds add colorful energy and help provide visual cues that embody the traits of the four styles. By linking direct Eagles to the Dominant style, social Parrots to the Interactive style, compassionate Doves to the Supportive style, and logical Owls to the Conscientious style, people remember the styles like never before. To apply new wisdom, they must remember it!

A year from now when people using the classic letters are asking questions such as, “What does the D stand for?”, those who learned about the birds will still recall that an Eagle is direct, confident and bottom-line. You will soon be noticing birds everywhere, from desktops to conversations in team meetings. The four styles will become embedded into your culture.

And it is really true. Here at home and with my friends whom have taken the test it is all about the birds. We do not talk in the letters or the colors. It is so much easier to remember.

What has opened my eyes with this DISC profile is that every profile has it’s own traits and in my view, you learn differently as well.

So why does the systems out there do not work for me?

I asked myself that question over and over again.

The answer is simple, this is not how I am in my core self. Of course you can adapt to another style, just not too long, and that is why those methods do not stick with me for a longer period.

What am I looking for?

I am simply looking for a “parrot” method to make me a not procrastinator in time of needs with or without a fantastic App. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

In matter of facts, a method for each style would be preferable. Think about it! Everybody would be “served” in their own way. To have a method that is out there for every style to pick! That really would be something, wouldn’t it?

Taking Flight with DISC

Till next time



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