Jun 12, 2020

The last week we have done a lot done. After the excitement of the Beehive I felt kind of restless, like I had nothing to do with my life (which certainly ain’t true!). Pieter had started with changing the front garden a bit. That area of the garden was a thorn in his eyes for years. 

Weeks ago we made a plan for it and last weekend we bought what we needed and yesterday and today was the perfect weather to work on the project. Overcast and a nice temperature. Hubs never knows how and when to stop and had to call him several times.

Today the first part is ready and I started planting with plants that I got from a neighbour. So pleased with how it looks right now. Hopefully next week we will be ready with it for the most part. The gravel is kind of a thing and that might have to wait for later. We need to borrow a car and a trailer for the job. To be continued ……

Pieter has always said that I had black fingers when it came to gardening and plants in the house. Nothing would grow under my hands. Now I know that if you do not love yourself your plants won’t grow either. I believe that is how it was with me. Last year I decided to try it one more time with plants in the house and the way I did it worked wonders. Pinterest was my go to place again. And it really was a simple solution. I bought clay pots in differents sizes and in the middle I put a smaller clay pot and I closed the whole in it so it would hold the water within the pot and like this you have a little irrigation system in your normal pot. I really love and it works really really well for me. No plants has ever died since. Pretty proud of myself.

This year the vegetables are doing great as well. In Sweden the season starts a bit later and with the warm weather early in the week everything has grown so much. Soon it will time to eat my first lettuce! Can you imagine! From black fingers to totally green!

Two weeks I tried to grow paprika from the seeds of one we ate and my thought was that if 10% is growing I am a very lucky girl. The all came out and now the whole neighbourhood has paprika plants. So everything is possibly if you just persevere!

Till next time



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