A couple of weeks ago we had to make a decision of what to do with compost. In our Township/Municipality we had to make a decision of how we wanted the garbage bin to be handled.

Months ago I borrowed a Bokashi bucket from a friend and I was sold. So easy peasy! So the choice was made. We are going to minimalise our waste by making a compost bin for gardening waste and kitchen waste. I have read al about it on the internet and you can actually mix Bokashi with your gardening waste in the compost bin.

So, as always, I went to Pinterest to see if there was something to catch my interest.

And…. low and behold it did!

I came across the website from Tilly’s nest and we started building the Bee hive compost bin!

Hubs (P) and I do work together quite well, as I may say so.

So with different plans at hand and a list of what to buy we went to the store and bought what we needed.

A plastic compost bin just felt so wrong if you are doing things for the environment.

The bin was put together in a days time and we made it our own.

In the future I think we are going to make another one, because our gardening waste has been a lot.

We have a little forest area around the house that needed to be taken care of so we bought ourselves a shredder and what we shredded does not fit the compost bin. For that project we could build 5 more!

We wanted to paint the bin and I got on with it and it occurred to me, after we started, that I should probably not have painted it on the inside.

Well, we will see what happens and we can always make another one.

DIY compost bin

Till next time



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