May 18, 2020

For a couple of years now we have been thinking about a beehive.

I am not ordinary so I am looking for a special beehive. 

A search on the internet for local beekeepers was not difficult. 

So I send an e-mail to one of the beekeepers association and got send to another association who send me to the first one again. Well, that is how it goes in Sweden. 

E-mail was (obviously) not the way to go about it and a telephone call was made. 

To begin with I had questions about what the perfect place for the beehive would be and he came that same evening. I was over the moon. A very nice man who could help get bee’s and he would like to be my mentor, lucky me!

He recommended a book that I immediately bought and got the book the day after!

Meanwhile I had done research and I decided that I wanted a Warré Beehive, because that would be the all natural way of beekeeping, so they say. 

The internet brought me to the book Natural Beekeeping with the Warré Hive by David Heaf.

The book is originally in English and available in Dutch en Swedish as well. The funny thing though was that the book was only available as an e-book in Swedish! I ordered that one. I bought the book because plans where included. 

You can find a lot plans about the “The People’s Hive” of Abbé Èmile Warré” for example here.

We are planning to make the beehive with windows so that we can have a peek and not disturb the bees. 

As I was babysitting my friends children on Sunday, the children told me that they also wanted to keep bees. Well Mom came home and gave the bee hive to us and drove me home with the beehive. We are at this moment not sure if we are going to use it. We are going to keep it nearby, because we only have one beehive now. 

Till next time



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